Sanitary Napkin Disposal – home or office

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3 box pack size for Home use, Hotels, small office restrooms, any public restrooms. Glue Tape Sealable, Double Ply (Discreet)  Sanitary Degradable 50 bag box – total of 150 bags. Offer your family, employees and customers safe sanitary feminine personal care product disposal.The bags will contain the items inside for safe disposal in a trash bin and not in the toilet causing costly  plumbing repairs, and polluting our environment.S.A.C. box holder dispenser SD2010B, is available on Amazon (sold separately). Search: All Departments, B00435OUYA
Also see: S.A.C. DO NOT FLUSH signs (sold separately) S.A.C. model #LP4020. Search: All Departments: B0042TRKKSSafe and sanitary disposal of tampons and sanitary napkin products.

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