Vagisil 100% Talc Free Feminine Powder – 100g

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What is Absorbs moisture. Protects against irritation due to friction and rubbing. How to use Sprinkle Vagisil several times a day on the parts of the body and on deliate briefs, sanitary napkins and panty liners. . Composition Zea Mais, Sodium Bicarbonate Parafinium liquidum, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Methylparaben, Parfum. Additional Information Powdery product. Avoid inhalation by infants Corn starch powder Absorbs moisture 25 times more of Talc, keeping your private parts cool and dry. Forms a natural veil that protects against irritation and redness due to rubbing and contact with the tissues. Effectively combats odors caused by excessive sweating, vaginal secretions, small losses, incontinence. Contains no talc100% Talc Free

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